ChaeyAhne's Artistry Gallery

A sampling of designs and art created throughout the years for my beloved patrons. As you can see, pretty much anything is possible. :)

Loving Heart Blessing Bag

Dragonfly Whisperer Blessing Bag

The Chosen Woman Multi-media Art Print

Spirit Horse Free Form Doll.

Spirit Horse Paintings. Cherry Blossom Spring & Rainbow Medicine Shield.

Autumn Leaf Spirit Horse Painting.

Spirit Horse Agate Pendants.

Whimsy Ponies Porcelain Clay Pendants.

Heart of Equus Earrings.

Heart of Equus Earrings.

Purple Spirit Horse Painted & Beaded Leather Earrings.

Pink Spirit Horse Painted & Beaded Leather Earrings.

EQ Cherry Quartz Pen Holder.

EQ Agate Pen Holder.

Blue Dragonfly EQ Agate Pen Holder.

Enchanted Quills Agate Pen Holder

Lady Arwen. Original Art created for Heart of the Wild Sanctuary Mugs.

Spirit Horse Beaded & Painted Pendant.

Avalon Feather Quills

Tuxedo Wedding Pens

DRACULA Custom Hand Painted Ballpoint Pen.

Autumn's Dance Blessings Bag

Otter Spirit. Hand beaded & painted otter totem pendant.

A custom wedding quill.

The Blue Fae. This was one of my painted quills that I sold, and was then crafted into a writing pen.

The Mad Hatter. This is a custom WEDDING Pen created for an Alice in WOnderland themed wedding. So Fun!!!

The Silver Serpent. A special commission as a gifting for the attorney of a TV & radio celebrity.

Dragonfly in Blue. This lovely design was for a set, with the custom pen based upon the brides wedding colors, and matching dragonfly pen stand crafted from vintage brass & agate.

The Joker & Harley Quinn. This was actually a custom WEDDING Pen design for a DC comic style wedding. SO FUN to paint & craft!

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